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IOT Practice Test 10

Correct Answer: 2 points | Wrong: -1 point
Grades: A* (100% score) | A (80%-99%) | B (60%-80%) | C (40%-60%) | D (0%-40%)

1. _________ robots are the most collaborative of the types.

2. SBC stands for?

3. Brain oscillations happen at the rate of around ________

4. IoT is a paradigm that involves ubiquitous presence in the environment.

5. ________ in IoT as one of the key characteristics, devices have different hardware platforms and networks.

6. Is gesture technology important.

7. What is the gesture that can be produced by tapping index finger to the tip of your thumb?

8. Communication between ________ and ________ is encrypted for security.

9. What is the gesture that can be produced by rubbing your index finger against your thumb?

10. The collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a ________


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