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Job Tests

Job TestsIf you are interested to apply for Jobs at Sanfoundry and/or it’s Clients, then you must take our Job Test on the subject or domain of your choice. If you have scored Grade A* or Grade A in the Job Test, then you are eligible. If you couldn’t score grade A*/A in the test, but you have other significant technical or non-technical skills or credentials, then also you are eligible to apply.

Here are the details and format of the Job Tests:

Total Questions: 50, Total Time: 1 hour.


In the Job Test, you will be given 2 points for every correct answer. There will also be negative marking of -1 for every wrong answer.

Based on your score, you would be given one of the following Grades:

Grade A* – Genius (You scored 100%)
Grade A – Excellent (Your score is in the range of 80% to 99%)
Grade B – Good (Your score is in the range of 60% to 80%)
Grade C – Average (Your score is in the range of 40% to 60%)
Grade D – Poor (Your score is in the range of 0% to 40%)

Job Tests for Programming / IT / Computer Science, and Core Engineering Domains

  1. Programming, IT and Computer Science Job Tests
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Job Tests (EEE/EE/ECE Branches)
  3. Civil Engineering Job Tests (Civil Branch)
  4. Mechanical Engineering Job Tests (Mechanical Branch)
  5. Chemical Engineering Job Tests (Chemical Branch)
  6. Metallurgical Engineering Job Tests (Metallurgy Branch)
  7. Instrumentation Engineering Job Tests (Instrumentation Branch)
  8. Aerospace Engineering Job Tests (Aerospace Branch)
  9. Aeronautical Engineering Job Tests (Aeronautical Branch)
  10. Biotech Engineering Job Tests (Biotech Branch)
  11. Agricultural Engineering Job Tests (Agriculture Branch)
  12. Mining Engineering Job Tests (Mining Branch)
  13. Marine Engineering Job Tests (Marine Branch)
  14. 1st Year Common Engineering Job Tests (All Branches)

Job Tests for School subjects:


Programming, IT, and Computer Science Job Tests

If you are applying for any of the following Jobs/Roles:

  1. Developer in C, C++, C#, Python, Java, and other Programming languages
  2. Data-Scientist, AI-ML (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) Developer
  3. Cloud Computing, Hadoop, Big-Data Developer or Administrator
  4. Full-Stack Developer or Web Developer
  5. Linux Kernel, Networking & Device Driver Developer or Administrator
  6. Content Developer
  7. Lecturer/Trainer
  8. Any other role not mentioned above

then please read the JD (Job Description) of the specific job. When you read the JD, you will see multiple skill requirements for that job / position. So, you should take the additional job tests for most of skill sets mentioned in the job. If you do this, you will have a much higher chance of selection. As a guideline, you will have to take anywhere between 1 to 4 additional job-tests, for a given job. The job-tests for all the skills are mentioned in the following table.

Note: Make sure to take the job tests on all the required skills for that position as per the JD. This will help a lot towards your final selection.

Job Tests Practice MCQs
  • C Job Test
  • C MCQs
  • C++ Job Test
  • C++ MCQs
  • Java Job Test
  • Java MCQs
  • C# Job Test
  • C# MCQs
  • Data Structure I Job Test
  • Data Structure I MCQs
  • Data Structure II (Algorithms) Job Test
  • Data Structure II (Algorithms) MCQs
  • Object Oriented Programming Job Test
  • Object Oriented Programming MCQs
  • JavaScript Job Test
  • JavaScript MCQs
  • PHP Job Test
  • PHP MCQs
  • Spring Job Test
  • Spring MCQs
  • DBMS Job Test
  • MySQL Job Test
  • MySQL MCQs
  • MongoDB Job Test
  • MongoDB MCQs
  • SQL Server Job Test
  • SQL Server MCQs
  • Computer Architecture Job Test
  • Computer Architecture MCQs
  • Software Engineering Job Test
  • Software Engineering MCQs
  • Software Architecture & Design Job Test
  • Software Architecture & Design MCQs
  • Python Job Test
  • Python MCQs
  • Data Science Job Test
  • Data Science MCQs
  • Artificial Intelligence Job Test
  • Artificial Intelligence MCQs
  • Cloud Computing Job Test
  • Cloud Computing MCQs
  • Hadoop Job Test
  • Hadoop MCQs
  • R Programming Job Test
  • R Programming MCQs
  • Cyber Security Job Test
  • Cyber Security MCQs
  • Computer Network Job Test
  • Computer Network MCQs
  • Unix/Linux Job Test
  • Unix/Linux MCQs
  • Operating System Job Test
  • Operating System MCQs
  • Computer Fundamental Job Test
  • Computer Fundamental MCQs
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Job Test
  • IoT (Internet of Things) MCQs
  • Embedded Systems Job Test
  • Embedded Systems MCQs
  • Microprocessor Job Test
  • Microprocessor MCQs
  • Microcontroller Job Test
  • Microcontroller MCQs
  • Discrete Mathematics Job Test
  • Discrete Mathematics MCQs

  • Electrical & Electronics Job Tests

    Civil Engineering Job Tests

    Mechanical Engineering Job Tests


    Chemical Engineering Job Tests

    Metallurgical Engineering Job Tests

    Instrumentation Engineering Job Tests

    Aerospace & Aeronautical Job Tests

    Biotech Engineering Job Tests

    Agricultural Engineering Job Tests

    Mining Engineering Job Tests

    Marine Engineering Job Tests

    1st Year Common Engineering Job Tests

    School Job Tests

    Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Job Tests!

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