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IOT Practice Test 1

Correct Answer: 2 points | Wrong: -1 point
Grades: A* (100% score) | A (80%-99%) | B (60%-80%) | C (40%-60%) | D (0%-40%)

1. Which layer in SOA delivers messages between applications?

2. Internet of Things needs a lot of network connection. What is the proposed "white Space" radio standard called?

3. The core element is operated by ________

4. Are SOA components loosely coupled.

5. IoT security management includes ________

6. Which is the example for smart grid edge device for utility?

7. API architecture not only includes critical elements but also caters for _________

8. Which among the following is more powerful?

9. ________ supports low energy radio operation.

10. Periferal Component Interconnect (PCI) Express interconnects which modules?


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