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Certification Tests

Certification TestsSanfoundry Certification Tests allows you to test and certify your skills and knowledge in various subjects of Engineering, Science, and Technology. These Certification tests are conducted online and it is free of charge. If you have scored a grade of A*/A, then your name will be listed in the Top-Rankers sections of that subject on our website. Sanfoundry certificates are very useful to an individual in their professional career growth. These certificates help them to acquire a new job or a new role or the next level of progression in their career. Sanfoundry offers free Certification tests for more than 100+ subjects.

Here’s the complete detail of the Certification:

1. Our Certification program is open 24×7. You can take the certification exam anytime in a given month.
2. The certification exam comprises of “Qualifier test” and “Certification test”
3. First step is to take the Qualifier test. If you have scored at least a B-grade in it, then only you can proceed to the Certification test.
4. The duration of the Qualifier and Certification tests are 1 hour each.
5. If you face a technical problem during the exam, you should take a screenshot of your Monitor and send it to [email protected] along with your contact number so we can call you back soon.
6. The certificate will be issued by the 5th of the next month. Suppose, you had taken the certification test in the month of January, and you had scored either an A or A* grade, then your certificate will be issued on the 5th of February.
7. You can download your certificate from here.


Here are the details and format of the Certification Tests:

Total Questions: 50, Total Time: 1 hour.
Correct Answer: 2 points, Wrong Answer: -1

Based on your score, you would be given one of the following Grades:
Grade A* – Genius (You scored 100%)
Grade A – Excellent (Your score is in the range of 80% to 99%)
Grade B – Good (Your score is in the range of 60% to 80%)
Grade C – Average (Your score is in the range of 40% to 60%)
Grade D – Poor (Your score is in the range of 0% to 40%)

Certification Tests for your current Engineering Branch or the Programming/IT topics.

  1. Programming, IT and Computer Science Certification Tests
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Certification Tests (EEE/EE/ECE Branches)
  3. Civil Engineering Certification Tests (Civil Branch)
  4. Mechanical Engineering Certification Tests (Mechanical Branch)
  5. Chemical Engineering Certification Tests (Chemical Branch)
  6. Metallurgical Engineering Certification Tests (Metallurgy Branch)
  7. Instrumentation Engineering Certification Tests (Instrumentation Branch)
  8. Aerospace Engineering Certification Tests (Aerospace Branch)
  9. Aeronautical Engineering Certification Tests (Aeronautical Branch)
  10. Biotech Engineering Certification Tests (Biotech Branch)
  11. Agricultural Engineering Certification Tests (Agriculture Branch)
  12. Mining Engineering Certification Tests (Mining Branch)
  13. Marine Engineering Certification Tests (Marine Branch)
  14. 1st Year Common Engineering Certification Tests (All Branches)

Certification Tests for School subjects:


Programming, IT and Computer Science Certification Tests

Certification Tests Qualifier Tests (Pre-requisite)
  • C Certification Test
  • C Qualifier Test
  • C++ Certification Test
  • C++ Qualifier Test
  • Java Certification Test
  • Java Qualifier Test
  • C# Certification Test
  • C# Qualifier Test
  • Data Structure I Certification Test
  • Data Structure I Qualifier Test
  • Data Structure II (Algorithms) Certification Test
  • Data Structure II (Algorithms) Qualifier Test
  • Object Oriented Programming Certification Test
  • Object Oriented Programming Qualifier Test
  • JavaScript Certification Test
  • JavaScript Qualifier Test
  • PHP Certification Test
  • PHP Qualifier Test
  • Spring Certification Test
  • Spring Qualifier Test
  • DBMS Certification Test
  • DBMS Qualifier Test
  • MySQL Certification Test
  • MySQL Qualifier Test
  • MongoDB Certification Test
  • MongoDB Qualifier Test
  • SQL Server Certification Test
  • SQL Server Qualifier Test
  • Computer Architecture Certification Test
  • Computer Architecture Qualifier Test
  • Software Engineering Certification Test
  • Software Engineering Qualifier Test
  • Software Architecture & Design Certification Test
  • Software Architecture & Design Qualifier Test
  • Python Certification Test
  • Python Qualifier Test
  • Data Science Certification Test
  • Data Science Qualifier Test
  • Artificial Intelligence Certification Test
  • Artificial Intelligence Qualifier Test
  • Cloud Computing Certification Test
  • Cloud Computing Qualifier Test
  • Hadoop Certification Test
  • Hadoop Qualifier Test
  • R Programming Certification Test
  • R Programming Qualifier Test
  • Cyber Security Certification Test
  • Cyber Security Qualifier Test
  • Computer Network Certification Test
  • Computer Network Qualifier Test
  • Unix/Linux Certification Test
  • Unix/Linux Qualifier Test
  • Operating System Certification Test
  • Operating System Qualifier Test
  • Computer Fundamental Certification Test
  • Computer Fundamental Qualifier Test
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Certification Test
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Qualifier Test
  • Embedded Systems Certification Test
  • Embedded Systems Qualifier Test
  • Microprocessor Certification Test
  • Microprocessor Qualifier Test
  • Microcontroller Certification Test
  • Microcontroller Qualifier Test
  • Discrete Mathematics Certification Test
  • Discrete Mathematics Qualifier Test

  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering Certification Tests

    Certification Tests Qualifier Tests (Pre-requisite)
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Certification Test
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Qualifier Test
  • Electrical Drives Certification Test
  • Electrical Drives Qualifier Test
  • Digital Communication Certification Test
  • Digital Communication Qualifier Test
  • Digital Signal Processing Certification Test
  • Digital Signal Processing Qualifier Test
  • Avionics Certification Test
  • Avionics Qualifier Test
  • MATLAB Certification Test
  • MATLAB Qualifier Test
  • Embedded Systems Certification Test
  • Embedded Systems Qualifier Test
  • Biomedical Instrumentation Certification Test
  • Biomedical Instrumentation Qualifier Test
  • VHDL Certification Test
  • VHDL Qualifier Test
  • VLSI Certification Test
  • VLSI Qualifier Test
  • Electrical Machines Certification Test
  • Electrical Machines Qualifier Test
  • Electrical Machines Design Certification Test
  • Electrical Machines Design Qualifier Test
  • Wireless/Mobile Certification Test
  • Wireless/Mobile Qualifier Test
  • Electrical Measurements Certification Test
  • Electrical Measurements Qualifier Test
  • Optical Communication Certification Test
  • Optical Communication Qualifier Test
  • Analog Communication Certification Test
  • Analog Communication Qualifier Test
  • Analog Electronics Certification Test
  • Analog Electronics Qualifier Test
  • Digital Electronics Certification Test
  • Digital Electronics Qualifier Test
  • Network Theory Certification Test
  • Network Theory Qualifier Test
  • Total Quality Management Certification Test
  • Total Quality Management Qualifier Test
  • Mechatronics Certification Test
  • Mechatronics Qualifier Test
  • Renewable Energy Certification Test
  • Renewable Energy Qualifier Test
  • Cognitive Radio Certification Test
  • Cognitive Radio Qualifier Test
  • Antenna Certification Test
  • Antenna Qualifier Test

  • Civil Engineering Certification Tests

    Mechanical Engineering Certification Tests

    Certification Tests Qualifier Tests (Pre-requisite)
  • Casting, Forming & Welding I Certification Test
  • Casting, Forming & Welding I Qualifier Test
  • Casting, Forming & Welding II Certification Test
  • Casting, Forming & Welding II Qualifier Test
  • Heat Transfer Certification Test
  • Heat Transfer Qualifier Test
  • Mass Transfer Certification Test
  • Mass Transfer Qualifier Test
  • Energy Management Certification Test
  • Energy Management Qualifier Test
  • Engineering Metrology Certification Test
  • Engineering Metrology Qualifier Test
  • Material Science Certification Test
  • Material Science Qualifier Test
  • Engineering Drawing Certification Test
  • Engineering Drawing Qualifier Test
  • Manufacturing Processes I Certification Test
  • Manufacturing Processes I Qualifier Test
  • Manufacturing Processes II Certification Test
  • Manufacturing Processes II Qualifier Test
  • Strength of Materials Certification Test
  • Strength of Materials Qualifier Test
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Certification Test
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Qualifier Test
  • Statistical Quality Control Certification Test
  • Statistical Quality Control Qualifier Test
  • Energy Engineering Certification Test
  • Energy Engineering Qualifier Test
  • Steam and Gas Turbines Certification Test
  • Steam and Gas Turbines Qualifier Test
  • Power Plant Engineering Certification Test
  • Power Plant Engineering Qualifier Test
  • Advanced Machining Certification Test
  • Advanced Machining Qualifier Test
  • IC Engine Certification Test
  • IC Engine Qualifier Test
  • Total Quality Management Certification Test
  • Total Quality Management Qualifier Test
  • Renewable Energy Certification Test
  • Renewable Energy Qualifier Test
  • Automotive Engine Design Certification Test
  • Automotive Engine Design Qualifier Test

  • Chemical Engineering Certification Tests

    Metallurgical Engineering Certification Tests


    Instrumentation Engineering Certification Tests

    Aerospace & Aeronautical Certification Tests

    Biotech Engineering Certification Tests

    Agricultural Engineering Certification Tests

    Mining Engineering Certification Tests

    Marine Engineering Certification Tests

    1st Year Common Engineering Certification Tests

    School Certification Tests

    Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Free Certification Tests!

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