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Certification Tests

Certification TestsSanfoundry Certification Tests allows you to test and certify your skills and knowledge in various subjects of Engineering, Science, and Technology. These Certification tests are conducted online and it is free of charge. If you have scored a grade of A*/A, then your name will be listed in the Top-Rankers sections of that subject on our website. Sanfoundry certificates are very useful to an individual in their professional career growth. These certificates help them to acquire a new job or a new role or the next level of progression in their career. Sanfoundry offers free Certification tests for more than 100+ subjects.
Question #1: How to enroll for Sanfoundry Certification Tests?

Answer: There are 2 ways in which you can enroll in the Sanfoundry Certification Tests.

Method-1: Sanfoundry conducts “Certification Tests” for various Subjects every Month. You can take the certification test any day / any time (i.e., 24×7) in a month and we will announce the winners on a monthly basis. The full details are announced here or in our social networks periodically. So, you can check here or follow our socials networks mentioned below to learn the upcoming schedules, all 100+ subjects, and then enroll in them.


Method-2: Sanfoundry conducts “Campus Ambassador” programs all throughout the year on various Campuses. These Campus Ambassadors conduct these “Certification Tests” for their college/school students. You can take part in those contests. If you want to be a “Sanfoundry Campus Ambassador” and conduct these Contests for your Campus, kindly apply here (1-Day) or here (3-6 Months).

So, you can choose Method-1 or Method-2 above.

Question #2: Are there any eligibility criteria to enroll for these tests?

Answer: For Sanfoundry certification tests, there is a pre-requisite that a student must score at least a B grade in the “Qualifier Test” for that subject. Only those students who have scored at least a B grade in the “Qualifier Test” would be eligible to take part in the online “Certification Test Contest”. A student can take the “Qualifier Test” any number of times till they score at least B grade. So, students should take the “Qualifier Test” first. For example, if a candidate is planning to participate in the “Python Certification Contest”, then they must score at least a B grade in the “Python Qualifier Test”.

Question #3: What are the criteria to get a Certificate of Merit?


Answer: For every Certification test, Sanfoundry will issue a Certificate of Merit to all those participants who have scored either an A* or A Grade on the test.

Question #4: Does Sanfoundry give a Participation Certificate?

Answer: If you have enrolled in our Certification Contest through the Sanfoundry Campus Ambassador of your College/School, then we will also issue “Participation Certificates” to all the participants.

Question #5: I tried to take the Certification test but I got a message like “You are not within the allowed user accounts for this quiz” OR “You are not allowed to access this quiz at the moment”. Why am I not allowed?

Answer: These certification tests are locked for every user by default. The Certification tests would be allowed if “a student has enrolled in the Sanfoundry Certification Contest for a given subject” and “the student has scored at least a B grade in the Qualifier Test for that subject”.

The particular Certification Test would be opened only during the specified schedule as mentioned in the Contest which you would have seen during enrollment for that contest. If you would like to register for the contest, read the answer to Question #1 above for complete details.

Here are the details and format of the Certification Tests:

Total Questions: 50, Total Time: 1 hour.

In the Online Certification Test, you will be given 2 points for every correct answer. There will also be negative marking of -1 for every wrong answer. So, you have to be more careful in your certification test. If needed, you should skip to the next question and come back to that question later so that you can manage your time more effectively during the online certification test.


Based on your score, you would be given one of the following Grades:

Grade A* – Genius (You scored 100%)
Grade A – Excellent (Your score is in the range of 80% to 99%)
Grade B – Good (Your score is in the range of 60% to 80%)
Grade C – Average (Your score is in the range of 40% to 60%)
Grade D – Poor (Your score is in the range of 0% to 40%)

So, go ahead and join our “Monthly Certification Contests” or Contests conducted by the “Sanfoundry Campus Ambassador” of your college or school.

Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Free Certification Tests!

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