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Computer Fundamentals Practice Test 10

Correct Answer: 2 points | Wrong: -1 point
Grades: A* (100% score) | A (80%-99%) | B (60%-80%) | C (40%-60%) | D (0%-40%)

1. A process of making the encrypted text readable again.

2. A testing strategy that test the application as a whole.

3. The process of verifying the identity of a user.

4. AR is interactive in real-time.

5. A small program that changes the way a computer operates.

6. A testing conducted at the developer's site under validation testing.

7. What do you call a technical person who is capable of understanding the basic requirements?

8. The goal of AI is to build systems that exhibit intelligent behavior.

9. A stage in which individual components are integrated and ensured that they are error-free to meet customer requirements.

10. The process of forming a new class from an existing class.


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