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Unix Practice Test 3

Correct Answer: 2 points | Wrong: -1 point
Grades: A* (100% score) | A (80%-99%) | B (60%-80%) | C (40%-60%) | D (0%-40%)

1. ':w' command can be used to write selected lines.

2. Which command appends text at the end of the current line?

3. Commands inputted in command mode don't appear on the terminal.

4. Which of the following is default permission set for directories?

5. If the file is write-protected and the directory has to write permission then we cannot delete the file.

6. The expression used with chmod command to change permissions in a relative manner contains ____ components.

7. After pressing ':w', we can normally resume our editing work.

8. A file contains 1026 bytes. How many bytes of disk space will it consume if size of a disk block is 1024 bytes?

9. What is execute permission?

10. How many types of modes are used by vi editor?


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